Its all about the prep!

When it comes to fabulous nails, it really is all about the prep! Spend a little time to care for your nails and the results will be there for everyone to see.

Flash manicure is, as it says on the bottle, an instant manicure. Start by shaking the bottle to mix the sea salt and essential oils together, then pour a pound coin size amount onto clean hands and carefully massage the product in, making sure you don’t forget the cuticle area. Then just wash it off with warm water and dry your hands. They will be left super soft and moisturised with a lovely aroma of essential oil.

*Top tip* Use it on your feet too!!

Try to use a nail varnish remover that is not only effective, but conditions your nails too. So many have strong chemicals in them that just dry out the nail and cuticle. The CND DColour has a fresh fragrance and removes polish super quick without leaving nails dry and dehydrated.

Once you have removed your old polish, then a quick buff with a tri-sided buffer not only smoothes out ridges, but stimulates the blood circulation to help with growth and strength.

Always carry a nail file with you to prevent a little chip or snag becoming a disaster. These cute match box nail files are perfect for your handbag.

Apply a treatment and/or cuticle oil every day if you can.

Depending on the condition of your nails, we have various treatments for you to apply at home. RidgeFX is ridge filling so smoothes out the nail prior to polish.

RescueRXx is a daily keratin treatment designed to repair weekend or damaged nails.

Solar oil is great for everyone. Infused with jojoba oils and vitamin E, helping to create stronger, healthier nails. Use it regularly to keep natural nails, nail polish and nail enhancements tough and flexible.

The colour you apply is up to you of course…..

This gorgeous mix of blues was done by Francesca. Here she applied the gel bottle in “Blue Spruce” and “Jealousy”

This lady was getting ready for her baby girl to arrive so had some well deserved pampering from our Therapist Tash who applied shellac in “Bare Chemise”

This gorgeous mix is “Rose gold”, “Mulberry” and “Cambridge Blue”.

This lovely client is a regular and today she choose Vinylux “Rubble”

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