The Gel Bottle

Well as you can see we have expanded our range of colours of The Gel Bottle! Its just so popular!

We love to use it and the feedback from our clients has been great! They love the colours, the staying power and the care it takes of your natural nails.

The versatile gel can be applied directly onto the natural nails to give long lasting colour and strength, applied over tips to give extra length or applied over acrylic nail extensions for super shiny colour.

This client has been a regular at the salon for years and she has her nails done with Jacqui every 2 weeks. She has always had Acrylic Nail extensions to give her the length and strength she requires but has recently converted to gel bottle extensions. Here she chose the gorgeous colour “Ruby Port”

This client chose one of our new neon shades “Twiggy”. She had her signature manicure and gel application with Georgia.

You may have seen these next nails as they are the hands of one of our receptionists, Toni. She had gel extensions applied with one of the nude builder gels then applied shellac in her favourite shade “Dark Dahlia”

The builder gel I mentioned previously is called BIAB (Builder in a bottle). That is what we use as an overlay when we apply a tip for length. We have expanded the amount of BIAB colours too. That means you can have lovely nude / natural nail extensions but can choose to apply a colour of your choice of either polish, shellac or gel.

This client had her gel bottle applied by Ellie. The colours used are “French bloom” and “Rose gold”

The next photo is a client who chose to have gel extensions with BIAB gel in shade “Petal”

The choice of colours and applications are great so please just ask if you aren’t sure! We can offer advice and help you decide what is best for you and your nails. We hope to see you in the salon soon xxx

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