Nail Extensions

Growing your own nails can be a long process and virtually impossible for some, so having nail extensions applied is a great alternative to get that polished look.

Longer nails can elongate your fingers, making your hands look more feminine and elegant.

We offer two types of nail extensions at Jesmond Beauty Clinic

Acrylic extensions and Gel extensions.

The process starts off the same. We apply the nail tip to the edge of your natural nail, cut and file the extension to your desired length and shape and then apply either acrylic or gel, depending on what you prefer.

Acrylic is a super strong structure, ideal for the more “heavy handed”or nail biters with weakened natural nails.

Gel is considered kinder to your natural nails, but not quite as hard wearing so ideal for anyone that is worried about damaging their natural nails.

Both Acrylic and Gel will need an infill after about 2 weeks, depending on the growth rate of your natural nails.

Colour can be applied to both using normal nail polish or shellac.

Here the client chose square nail extensions finished with “nude knickers” shellac and a touch of glitter on her ring fingers. Done by nail tech Zoe

Here we have stiletto nails finished with “white wedding” shellac. Done by nail tech Jacqui.

This lady keeps her extensions short and oval and went for red foil to finish the look. Perfect for Christmas! Done by nail tech Jacqui.

Keeping it natural here with squoval extensions and “Romantique” shellac.

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